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NAVY BOUQUET – Abstract Wa...
$20.00$75.00 inc. of tax
5 out of 5
Cheeky Monkey
$39.00 inc. of tax
Store:  Tugu Toys
5 out of 5
Handmade Lily Pad Midnight Dog C...
$39.00$50.00 inc. of tax
Store:  Fluffy Tales
0 out of 5
Store:  The Chai Room
5 out of 5

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Goods and services, brought to you by the largest community of talented migrant and refugee women entrepreneurs in Australia
Emerge beads
$50.00 inc. of tax
0 out of 5
The Chai Room Strawberry Gum Lea...
$16.00$80.00 inc. of tax
Store:  The Chai Room
5 out of 5
The Chai Room Rosemary and Fenne...
$13.50$75.00 inc. of tax
Store:  The Chai Room
5 out of 5
Krobo beads recycled glass
$9.50 inc. of tax
-47% New

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When you shop with Made By Many Hands, you uncover an online marketplace unlike any other. 
With each store being owned by a migrant woman, Made By Many Hands provides the infrastructure to empower female entrepreneurs to interact directly with their customers and to take ownership of their profit.
So every time you purchase from Made By Many Hands, you’re making a difference to the life of a migrant woman making her way in Australia. Discovering the ideal birthday gift or ultimate home décor item in the process? We’d call that a win win.


Meet our Sellers: Lily Rose Hats

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Meet our Sellers: The Greenish Garden

. “My boyfriend and I started to paint pots,” Mayra tells us. “It was a way to be creative but also a way to be clever during an uncertain time. We needed more ways to make money, beyond our formal jobs. I decided we should make something that would make people happy. And I know … read more

Corporate Gifting Program

As we approach the end of a second year of lockdowns and travel restrictions, there are a few themes that resonate with us when it comes to gifting: self care, global flavours, and projects to keep us busy. Acknowledging this, we present to you a range of gifts and hampers imbued with these themes, and … read more