About Us

If you have ever scrolled through your social media feed or wandered through your local shopping centre and thought, “I don’t know where to begin in making the right choice,” then you have found yourself in the right place. Made by Many Hands is dedicated to helping you do just that – with an online marketplace designed for purposeful shopping.

When you shop with Made By Many Hands, you uncover an online marketplace unlike any other. Products made by local hands, with globally honed skills, crafted with care. With each store being owned by a migrant or refugee woman, Made By Many Hands provides the infrastructure to empower female entrepreneurs to interact directly with their customers and to take ownership of their profit.

Why we exist

Born from the understanding that migrant and refugee women often encounter barriers to entrepreneurship, such as access to marketing tools, lower financial and technical literacy, and financial barriers – we set out to level the playing field.

While our social enterprise Migrant Women in Business gives migrant women the infrastructure – including an easy to use dashboard to manage products and services, each store is owned by a migrant or refugee woman, and she is able to take ownership of her business growth, customers and profit.

Like so many passion projects that are the silver lining that have emerged from this global pandemic – this project has come to life because one woman rose to challenge when asked if she could design our marketplace with nothing more than the smell of an oily rag. We will be forever indebted to the talented Swati Khanwalkar and the team at Switchcase for breathing life into Made by Many Hands.

How it Works

As a social enterprise our focus is to support migrant and refugee women on their pathway to business success.

It’s free to join our selling community.  There are no hidden fees, no annual charges and no additional marketing costs.  When a seller sells her product, she retains 85% of the sale, and it’s paid out to her immediately.  Made by Many Hands receives 15% to be ploughed back into the platform’s development and the creation of educational tools for our community to up-skill and grow.  Our long-term vision is to build a community of practice for our sellers  – because we know that being part of a business network is a key to success.  We also have plans for an online educational program that takes into account the diversity of languages spoken by our women and the differing levels of literacy.

So every time you purchase from Made By Many Hands, you’re helping a migrant woman to build her empire. Discovering the ideal birthday gift or ultimate home décor item in the process? We’d call that a win win.