Author: Corinne K

Corporate Gifting Program

Many organisations offer clients and staff a generous gift to mark the end of each year, a special occasion, or just to say thanks for a job well done. These gifts should be chosen to convey sentiments of generosity, appreciation, quality, and uniqueness. What better way to convey these sentiments (and much more) than with … read more

Meet our Sellers: Konjo Mama

“Education is just in my blood. So, anyone doing work experience in our food truck will also be learning. Whether it’s how to make coffee or how to interact with clients, it really is all about education, and having fun!” – Caroline McLaren At Made By Many Hands, all our sellers are special. But Caroline … read more

Meet Our Sellers: Handez

“My father taught me how hard it is to make money, but how important it is to work at something you love.” – Daniela Hernandez If you’ve ever rummaged through your handbag to discover a half-eaten muesli bar, or tossed it onto the back seat only to have it land in a pool of sand, … read more

Meet Our Sellers: Children of the Corn

“I came to Australia to have more opportunities and more choice,” – Rishna Gunness When it comes to a melting pot of cultures, it doesn’t get more dynamic than a Mauritian woman, living in Australia, making Mexican hot sauces. But for Rishna Gunness, it’s all par for the course. “Growing up in Mauritius, I experienced … read more

Meet our Sellers: Bijouniq

 “When I make these pieces, I feel very relaxed. I feel like I’m in another place, another space, it’s like a meditation. And when I finish each piece, I have something to show for it, which is why I try to make each piece unique.” – Pauline If we dive deep into our memories, many … read more