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Corporate Gifting Program

Many organisations offer clients and staff a generous gift to mark the end of each year, a special occasion, or just to say thanks for a job well done. These gifts should be chosen to convey sentiments of generosity, appreciation, quality, and uniqueness. What better way to convey these sentiments (and much more) than with … read more

Meet our Sellers: Tomi Art

“I was taught by a very special Balinese artisan that when you are making your art – or in my case, jewellery – you need to tap into your feelings,” she tells us. “Are you happy? Are you peaceful? How are you feeling when you are making your pieces? That will shine through and is … read more

Meet our Sellers: Mariana Barrios

“I know that everyone has a unique gift to give the world, and that’s what I focus my energy on.” – Mariana Barrios They say, “Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life.” But for Mariana Barrios, perhaps the saying should be, “Love what you do and you may not … read more

Meet our Sellers: Lily Rose Hats

“And when I see someone with one of my hats, my face just lights up.” – Lily Ceron Fernandez If one ever needs a definition of strength and grit, they should look to a migrant woman. And if they want to take it up a notch? They should add motherhood into the mix. One woman … read more

Meet our Sellers: Mat Tetni

, “If we can create this business that people love, when we came from nothing, imagine what our children can do with the opportunities they have! They can go beyond. So we hope we are setting an example for them, and to inspire other women to make a difference in their own community. Even if … read more