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Corporate Gifting Program

As we approach the end of a second year of lockdowns and travel restrictions, there are a few themes that resonate with us when it comes to gifting: self care, global flavours, and projects to keep us busy. Acknowledging this, we present to you a range of gifts and hampers imbued with these themes, and … read more

Meet our Sellers: Konjo Mama

“Education is just in my blood. So, anyone doing work experience in our food truck will also be learning. Whether it’s how to make coffee or how to interact with clients, it really is all about education, and having fun!” – Caroline McLaren At Made By Many Hands, all our sellers are special. But Caroline … read more

Meet Our Sellers: Children of the Corn

“I came to Australia to have more opportunities and more choice,” – Rishna Gunness When it comes to a melting pot of cultures, it doesn’t get more dynamic than a Mauritian woman, living in Australia, making Mexican hot sauces. But for Rishna Gunness, it’s all par for the course. “Growing up in Mauritius, I experienced … read more

Meet our Sellers: The Chai Room

“I feel an obligation and a responsibility to pass on to my children everything that has been passed on to me,” Fatema says. “Going to the markets, grinding our spices, building a business, and what that process means to me … I want to be a great business woman, a great mother, a great human … read more

Meet our Sellers: Mat Tetni

, “If we can create this business that people love, when we came from nothing, imagine what our children can do with the opportunities they have! They can go beyond. So we hope we are setting an example for them, and to inspire other women to make a difference in their own community. Even if … read more