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Corporate Gifting Program

Many organisations offer clients and staff a generous gift to mark the end of each year, a special occasion, or just to say thanks for a job well done. These gifts should be chosen to convey sentiments of generosity, appreciation, quality, and uniqueness. What better way to convey these sentiments (and much more) than with … read more

Meet our Sellers: Ceyda Oktem, Studio by Ceyda

“I feel so happy when I’m making my candles,” she says with a wide smile. “So when my customers engage with my candles with all their senses, I just want them to feel happy too!” – Ceyda Oktem With the pressure and expectations so many of us face each day, it can be challenging to find … read more

Meet our Sellers: Fluffy Tales

Meet our Sellers: Bot Workshop

Business has a lot of ups and downs,” she says. “But what keeps me motivated is the satisfaction of doing something I’ve always wanted to do.” – Fernanda Rodriguez Playful and powerful may not be two words typically paired together, but for Fernanda Rodriguez, they perfectly encompass who she aspires to be. “There is creativity … read more

Meet our Sellers: Lennon+Me

“When people buy from a small business, they buy a story. They’re supporting the dream. They’re support a woman. They’re supporting a mother who is trying to bring her dreams to life in the best ways she can. They are changing lives.” – Oznur Demirhan “When people buy from a small business, they buy a … read more