“I love numbers and my accounting career, but I had never felt extreme passion in my work”, she says. “I feel passionately about relationships, dancing, culture and more , but I feel with with work was different. Now I know what that is.”

– Delly Guerrero Lee

Sometimes, humans have a funny way of defying logic. It’s the pilot who is afraid of heights. It’s the doctor with a fear of needles. It’s Delly Guerrero, the dog accessory entrepreneur, who is allergic to dogs. But as so many of us know, it’s when we face our fears (or our allergies) head on, that is when we achieve the most miraculous of rewards.

For Delly Guerrero Lee, it couldn’t be more true. The vivacious and passionate entrepreneur has gone from a young girl in a small town in Venezuela, desperately wanting a pet, to a thriving business owner in Australia, whose life now revolves around animals!

Delly was raised by her incredible single mother, who gave her a “charmed childhood with fantastic memories with friends, solid values and education.” 

“I really had everything I wanted,” says Delly. “Except for a pet. My dad is paediatrician and allergist specialist, and he told me I was allergic to dogs and cats. So that was it.” Graduating as and gaining a much-coveted job as an accountant, Delly’s life was turned upside down when her beloved and previously highly active mother became unwell and could not work. When she sadly passed in 2008, Delly decided. “I wanted to do things my mum couldn’t do,” she says. “Everyone told me I was crazy, but I wanted to travel the world, so I sold my apartment, packed my suitcase, travelled to Europe and finally landed in Australia where I decided to build my new life”.

Arriving on a student visa, Delly was struck by how friendly everyone was. But that doesn’t mean things came easily. Rather, Delly found it surprisingly difficult to find work, and a shock when that work eventually arrived. “I had to take any job I could get,” she tells us. “I was handing out flyers, working as a kitchen hand, and a cleaner. I hadn’t done any physical work like this before. I was an accountant! So, it was a really big shock.”

Eventually, Delly found herself working in a Latin restaurant as a bartender, where she found her community and in turn, found herself. Soon after, she was back working as an accountant, but began looking for something she could feel passionately about. 

“I love numbers and my accounting career, but I had never felt an extreme passion in my work”, she says. “I feel passionately in my relationships, dancing, culture, and more, but I feel with work was different. Now, I know what that is.”

That thing is Fluffy Tales – a luxury brand of dog accessories made in a sustainable way and fully customised. With collars, bandanas, harnesses and even a tracking collar in the works Fluffy Tales is the obsessive dog owner’s heaven. It’s also heaven for Delly, who says, “This work has also helped me to tap into my charitable side. I have joined the RSPCA and I have been raising funds to see how I can help.”

While her first client was her neighbour, her favourite dog is, of course, her own. “Yes, it turns out that I can have hypoallergenic dogs!” Delly laughs. “And now, I can’t imagine my life without my own furry friend.”

Published by Amy Malpass-Hahn