Business Model

This service is aimed at small business owners or entrepreneurs that are looking to better understand their business and get a better picture of their project

$300.00 inc. of tax


What will you get?: Two (2) online sessions of one (1) hour each per week, where we will work on the following areas:

  1. Development of your business idea
  2. Tools that will allow you to get to know you better and thus discover your strengths on which to create your business
  3. Create a Canvas for your business
  4. Develop a SWOT analysis to better understand your business
  5. Sessions materials and support readings


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Shipping Policy


The parties agree to engage in a week/month Consulting Program either in person, telephone or other online communications. Consultant will be available to Client by email and WhatsApp in between scheduled meetings as defined by the Consultant.

The Consultant may also be available for additional time, per clients request
on an agreed fee basis. (for example, reviewing documents, reading or writing
reports, engaging in other client related services outside of Consulting hours).


This Consulting agreement is valid for 4 sessions, spread over 4 weeks. This point is subject to subsequent agreements between the Consultant and client (Additional sessions or frequency different from that suggested above).

Schedule must be made by the client through the following link:

The cost PER PACKAGE and the length of each session (video call / meeting) is 60 minutes


The time of the Consulting session will be determined by Consultant and Client
based on mutually agreed upon time. The Consultant will initiate all scheduled
calls and will call the Client for all scheduled meetings. The sessions will be
conducted via Zoom (online video conferencing or equivalent)


The client can, at any point in the session, declare his/her preference not to
discuss a specific issue, by simply stating that they would rather not discuss
this issue. Viviana Castrillon Consultant agrees to respect this boundary and
will not attempt to forward the conversation further along those lines.



This Consulting relationship, as well as all information (documented or verbal) that the Client shares with the Consultant as part of this relationship, is bound to
confidentiality but is not considered a legally confidential relationship (like
in Medicine or Law). The Consultant agrees not to disclose any information
pertaining to the Client without the Client’s written consent. The Consultant
will not disclose the Client’s name as a reference without the Client’s
consent. Confidential information does not include information that:

  • was in the Consultant’s possession prior to its being furnished by the Client;
  • is generally known to the public or in the Client’s industry; 
  • is obtained by the Consultant from a third party, without breach of any obligation to the Client;
  • is independently developed by the Consultant without use of or reference to the Client’s confidential information; or
  • that the Consultant is required by law to disclose.



Client’s personal information remains strictly confidential. However, at times, the success/progress achieved as a result of the Consulting relationship may be
publicized for the Consultant’s marketing purposes. This will be discussed with
the client prior.

According to the ethics of our profession, topics may be anonymously and hypothetically shared with other Consulting professionals for training, supervision, mentoring, evaluation, further Consultant professional development and/or consultation purposes.

The content and the method used by the Consultant for the Client’s individual
business case, planning, training is not to be copied or discussed with
unassociated third parties.

Refund Policy


No refunds are available for completed consulting services. Unused, pre-paid and retainer-based consulting services may be eligible for a refund depending on the agreement between the client and the Digital SB PTY Ltd. Standard notice for cessation of services is two weeks, but this may vary between contracts. Be sure to check your agreement for details. 

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy


The Client agrees that it is their responsibility to notify the Consultant 24 hours
in advance of scheduled calls / meetings. The Consultant reserves the right to
bill the Client for a missed meeting. In the event that the session is cancelled with less than 12 hours there will be no refund of the money.


Either the Client or the Consultant may terminate this agreement at any time with two weeks written notice.