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Bombay Spices

Discover the secret of delicious flavours of Indian cooking with Bombay Spices. Our signature “Garam Masala” recipe has been passed through generations of passionate home cooks.  Garam Masala is the basis for the most delicious Indian cuisines. It’s a blend of more than 7 spices roasted and ground to give a balanced depth and flavour to the curries.

At Bombay spices, we want to make your life easier by offering you the ease of using freshly made spice mixes like “Roghan Josh”, “Korma Masala”, “Vindaloo”, “Dum Keema”, “Do Pyaaza”, “Dahl Lentil” spice mix & many more.

Each spice mix is made from whole spices, which are blended, roasted & grounded right here in Melbourne, Victoria, so that you can be assured of the freshness and quality of these spice mixes.

Enjoy the ease of using these spice mixes to deliver authentic flavoursome Indian food right in your own kitchen.